Saturday, June 28, 2014

Two cool things happened today

First of all, Tapping the source sent out their newsletter that had an article on my FREE ebook download for The Seekers. I opened my email and there it was.
Tapping the source is an organization that is based on Charles Haanels great work The Master Key.
In fact, it was directly because iof that book, Tapping the Source, that I met my agent, and now friend, Bill Gladstone and his fiance, Gayle Newhouse.
I invite you to check it out (

The second thing is my web site is almost finished, thanks to Michael over at He fixed the Bonus book page and inserted my little video introduction. It came out spectacular.
Now I only have 30 things to finish up before the first of July, the official launch of the book. Check that - 29 things.
If you have downloaded the Bonus book, please send me a note and let me know how you liked it.


Amazon informed my agent Margot that the ebook is proofed and ready to launch on the 1st of July. That is great news, and thanks Margot.

News releases, proofed and edited by Johanna, are on the launching pad.

And finally, my newsletter is being put together this weekend by Lyzah in San Diego, and should be ready to go out Monday.

I guess a lot of cool stuff is going on.

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