Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Visit at WABF in Fairhope!

Met friends at the radio station today - what fun!
We were recording the show in advance for replay on Christmas Eve.
Lori was herding cats as she kept us on track.
P.T. Paul, Mark, our wonderful host Tod, Leslie Anne and Satch were there.
Makes me grateful for having discovered this magical community and becoming a part of it.
And doubly grateful for the holiday spirit all those in Fairhope possess year round.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Dogwood Trail mates Christmas Party

JoAnn and Gene Broadus graciously open their home every year to celebrate christmas with the current Dogwood Trail Mates and family and friend.
I was lucky enough to be invited this year.
Their home, on the bluffs in Fairhope, is absolutely beautiful, and the christmas spirit  -- lights, a tree, and ornaments -- were everywhere within it.
They hosted 40 people with a meal and dessert.
Thanks JoAnn and Gene!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

 Book Signing with T.Jensen Lacey

Met Theresa at the angel store in Fairhope today for her book signing. She is a New York Times best selling author and a great friend. Bought a book for my brother (one of the chicken soup books she is featured in) and sending off on Monday.

She is one of the Pensters of which I am now vice-president (not as glamorous as it sounds) . We are, I am told, the oldest continuous writing group in the country. www.pensterswritinggroup.com/

After lunch, I am walking down the street and who do I see? Snow White. Then Spiderman. Then a whole slew of characters. Turns out they are part of a new business that a company called Enchanted Forest Entertainment is promoting.
Seems like a fun idea. They can be reached at enchantedfe@gmail.com

Going to a boat parade on fish river tonight and then to my friend JoAnn's for visitng.
Is Christmas here yet?
Need to slow down a bit.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Class on Self Publishing

I was asked to teach a course on Self-Publishing. It is something i know quite a lot about. In my former life (before writing) I had a printing company and worked on books all the time.
It was held at the Fairhope Library in the Boardroom, a sumptuous venue.
Fifteen 'brave ' people signed up.
Having never taught a class before, I prepared for days, including creating handouts.
The students were wonderful, attentive and full of enthusiasm and questions.
After the second class, I sent out a survey, and here are a few responses I received:
  • I came in knowing next to nothing about self-publishing, so I found the entire class material relevant (and so useful!) 
  • I don't know if you realize it, but teaching to the type of class you had is the most difficult:  Teaching to an eclectic group of people with a wide range of knowledge and experience.  It is especially tough to teach computer skills to a "mature" audience without completely losing the beginners or else putting the experienced ones to sleep.  You pulled it off!

  • What I liked best about the class was you.  You spoke with elegance and knowledge.  But did not make me feel stupid.  I will probably take

    the class again just to better understand the process.

  • John, you did a terrific, professional job with the class. You have a relaxed manner of delivery which puts the class at ease. I think everyone would take just about any class you put in front of them. I know I would. 

    I enjoyed the class and look forward to teaching another one or two in March.

    Thanks so much to my students.