Monday, June 16, 2014

Pictures in from Book Signing

Finally got the pictures from the book signing a week ago loaded. Fun event. One of four local authors, although I think one of them was from New York (Cousin Vinnie).

Anyway, sold a lot of books, and everyone had a good time.
Here is the sign in the window:
However, before I went to the signing, I had my hairs cut (what little there are left...)
Here is Chelsea and me at the salon!
She is really talented.

Now, back to the book signing. It was at Page and Palette (, a local book store that really helps promote local writers. Great people.
The venue was a little crowded, but the crowds kept drifting though. Here is what my table looked like:

And here is my friend Jody, who stopped by to wish me well.

Wish I had taken more pictures. Anyway, look forward to being there again for the release of The Seekers! (

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