Thursday, July 10, 2014

Traveled to Los Angeles - Good News From Agent

Took an afternoon flight from Pensecola to San Diego (actually two flights - one stop in Atlanta), and arrived late last night. Delta has to do something about their baggage service - abysmal. Sat at airport an extra hour waiting for bags.

Turns out one of my editors found a number of problems with the Bonus Book, and we are working on it now. Should be ready and loaded in a few days. Not critical. Mostly stylistic.

But the good news. My agent Bill Gladstone ( cc'd me on the upcoming Amazon program for the book. Will be receiving the details in a few days (I am hoping). Starts August 1st.

While here in California hope to see my friend LeVar Burton and congratulate him personally on the success of his amazing Kickstarter campaign for Reading Rainbow ( Raised $6.5 million dollars to help children all across the nation to read.

The Communities page of The Seekers web site has been substantially updated with people, web sites and books. I invite you to check it out.

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