Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Hectic Day

Today is... was the day of the launch of the eBook!

However, I have been unable to find the ebook anywhere. Oh well, the Physical book is available, and sales are already going well. Thank you.

The newsletter goes out tonight. Everyone should have it by the morning.

And... Michael has done an amazing job getting the web site up and running. Only have the communities page to finish out.

Here is the cover for the music CD by Benedikt Brydern http://www.consordino.com/wp/

He is a fantastic musician. You can listen to it free on soundcloud. Just go to the store section of the web site.

I still have about fifteen items that need addressing for the launch, but these are really not that important. I'll get to them when I can.

What is important is that you, friends and family, have been so supportive of me these past few years, and I want to give my heartfelt thanks.

My next call is to find out where the heck the ebook is....

All the best....

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