Sunday, August 24, 2014

Publisher Announces a Limited Time Price Reduction on eBook!

it has been a busy time here in San Diego, meeting with my agent and all the people who I have made appointments with (and of course, my many friends).

The book has launched. YEAH!

And after meeting with Amazon and my Publisher, they and I have decided to help the Seekers book along with a special promotion for the ebook.

For a limited time, the ebook will be available for $4.99 cents. Which is a fantastic deal.

The theory goes it is better to sell a lot of books at a lower price than fewer at the higher. And it is based on readers having the greatest access to the book. Both Ideas I heartily endorse.
So you can get the ebook now for the limited time reduced price.

Thought i would through in a couple of pictures of friends I have visited here. One is Duke Underwood, who was my mentor in Film School. Here we are in a small coffee shop in LA.

Another is my friend Tim Millard and I at one of my favorite restaurants.

And of course... the best Mexican food in LA. I have been going their since I was fifteen years old.

I leave back to Fairhope tomorrow evening, to finish my next book, an autobiography of my childhood.

One last thing. Be sure and download the free music track when you purchase the ebook. It is on the website waiting for you.


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